8oz jars of local honey available £4.00 jar

Unique, high quality, craft products that you can trust. Quality and provenance guaranteed.

Pure, locally produced honey and small batch mead.

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Our passion for bees and honey turned an idea into a reality when Rookery Farm Honey was founded in 2016. What began with a few bee colonies soon turned into a successful business with dozens of beehives producing a unique line of quality products.

Since we launched our business, we’ve stayed true to our motto: “Best quality honey from Suffolk.” In addition to staying local, we also focus on keeping our work sustainable and fair, because we know that happy and healthy bees lead to great products for our customers.

Rutland based beekeeper and honey producer.

Pure Honey – as nature intended

Small Beekeepers with the Cornish Black Bee

Small beekeeper in the Weald of Kent collecting honey in Flow Hives, allowing collection of small volumes of varying character throughout the summer with the minimum of processing required.