Buzzcloth and cheese

The bees knees of food wraps

Buzzcloth is hand-made using uncertified organic beeswax, undyed natural organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. 

The beeswax concoction infuses into the cloth, resulting in a ‘cling cloth’ which seals around your food with the help of a little hand-hug!

After you’ve used it, simply brush off crumbs and store for another day, or, it if needs washing, simply rinse in cold water, or wash like a dish in cold water with eco-friendly soap.

Air dry and store with your dishcloths in a kitchen drawer.

Buzzcloth can last from 3 months to over a year (sometimes more), depending on how often you use and wash it. 

How do you know when time’s up ?  You’ll know! The natural cloth will eventually lose it’s sticky quality.  When it’s time to say good-bye, simply cut up as fire-lighters, or throw onto the compost.


Buzzcloth exists because I needed to kick my plastic habit

​Hey lovely Buzzcloth person

​I’m a busy mother-of-four, and I was using clingfilm every day to wrap sandwiches for school lunches!  This did not sit well with me, and I couldn’t find anything else on the market to suit my needs.

I started wrapping the sandwiches in napkins but that increased my washing loads which is also not good for the environment!

​Cutting a long story short, I started researching options and discovered the concept of beeswax wraps!  This was long before they became a thing and most people didn’t know what they were.

I was intrigued by the concept so I started to play around with ingredients and cutting a long story short, I decided to make them and then sell them to anyone who wanted them.

I’m loving the fact that beeswax wraps are now readily available, with many people making their own.  This is what the planet needs!

As a brand, Buzzcloth remains steadfast in trying to be as planet-friendly and fair-tradee as possible.  That means we only sell in the UK and they will never be for sale on Amazon.  Our cloth is still 100% natural as we feel it is more hygienic that way (it’s easy to see when your wrap needs replacing), and patterned cloth contains unnecessary chemicals.

Thank you for your support and we hope you love Buzzcloth as much as we do!

Best wishes


Buzzcloth joined One Planet in July 2020. View their products here.