Living Naturally


Living Naturally is a family business based in the UK, making award-winning hand made products from 100% vegan, natural and organic, ethically sourced, sustainable and cruelty free ingredients.

Why we started the company

Both our children had eczema, and at the age of 2 our oldest was diagnosed with autism. In our case, we learned that we needed to keep it simple. We did this by eliminating certain foods and toxins from our diet and our lives, trying to live a more mindful and cruelty-free life and teaching our children about how and why to make these choices.

As part of our radical (to some) natural lifestyle change, we were introduced to soapnuts as a possible solution for eczema by a few family members, and began using them to clean everything in the house. When we saw the eczema getting better we realised how amazing these ancient soapy fruits were!

We founded Living Naturally and started selling soapnuts in 2009. We knew we couldn’t be the only ones looking for a more natural, organic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, sustainable and an environmentally friendly answer to cleaning the house, clothes and everything else in between.

We have since developed a wide-range of award-winning vegan soapnut product lines, which are produced by our family-owned business based in the UK. We have combined a real need and love of what we do, expert herbalist & skincare knowledge, and Ayurvedic principles to create these products.

We do hope you enjoy using our pioneering organic soapnut products as much as we enjoy making them!


Living Naturally soapnuts or soapberries are actually dried fruit shells which contain real natural soap and are 100% natural.

Soapnuts are a natural, non-polluting, compostable, alternative to conventional laundry detergents and synthetic soaps. No fillers, foaming agents, bleach, phthlates, phosphates or parabens.

Soapnut fruits actually contain a natural soap called saponin, which is released when it comes into contact with water. They help free dirt and grime from clothes and help carry it away. This is how all synthetic detergents work …

Just in case you aren’t convinced yet, here are the other benefits:

Certified Vegan by The Vegan Society

Certified Organic
by USDA, India Organic & EcoCert

100% Biodegradable & Compostable


Phosphate-Free & SLS-Free

Palm Oil Free

Cruelty-Free – Our soapnuts and soapnut products do not contribute to any environmental, human or animal abuse. We audit our suppliers regularly, we do not test our products on animals, and we ensure our ingredients aren’t contributing to deforestation or environmental damage.

Anti-fungal & Anti-microbial – Soapnuts have been tested and found to have mild anti-fungal and anti-microbial activity.

Living Naturally joined One Planet in June 2020. View their products here.