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One Planet launch

On 20 July 2020 – after months of planning, preparation, design, research, and techy stuff setting up the website – One Planet went live, and we think we have created something really special. Our purpose is to help you shop in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way so that each of us, in our own small way, can help protect and preserve our planet.

The environmental challenges we face are so huge that it’s easy to think ‘What can I possibly do that will make any difference?’ But each of our shopping choices really does have an effect, and as more and more of us make the right choices that effect multiplies and creates change for the better.

We have carried out extensive research to find products which we all need to use in our everyday lives, which are fantastic quality and made in a way that does not trash the environment. We will continue to search for high quality products with high production standards, from small and independent, mainly UK-based, suppliers who share our values.

Welcome to the One Planet community, and thank you for being part of the journey with us.