Buzzcloth beeswax food wrap – extra large


Extra large size (54cm x 48cm), big enough for a whole loaf of fresh, crusty bread.

Welcome to Buzzcloth, the UK’s original natural beeswax wrap.

​If you’re new to beeswax wraps, you’re in for a treat!
Also known as wax wraps or bee wraps, Buzzcloth is a reusable food wrap that works like clingfilm, except it’s eco-friendly.
It doesn’t leach chemicals into your food.
It’s washable, reusable, and eventually compostable.
Not only that, it literally keep your food fresher!
Buzzcloth is the perfect plastic-alternative to wrap up your food.

Made in the UK by hand, from mainly beeswax and organic, unpatterned cotton cloth.

Price includes postage.

Supplier: Buzzcloth


Buzzcloth comes in four sizes

Our beeswax wraps are all hand-made so they vary slightly in size and wonkiness! We keep them wonky because cutting them to make them perfect results in unnecessary off-cuts.

Small 20 x 18 cm
Medium 32 x 26 cm
Large 47 x 37 cm
Extra Large 54 x 48 cm (It’s big!)
Buzzcloth sizes
​Use beeswax wraps for cheese, fruit, bread, sandwiches, wraps, avo, cucumber, herbs.

Cover bowls containing salad, marinating meat or leftovers.
Make a little bag for cruditès or granola.
Perfect to take with you on picnics.
Very useful as a travel companion in your backpack, tent or caravan.
Opens tight bottle tops.
Perfect substitute for wine corks!
Non-slip mat…

No heat or meat
​Buzzcloth shouldn’t be used with any kind of raw or cooked meat, and doesn’t like heat so avoid ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and hot water.

Quality ingredients

​We are uncompromising in our acquisition of ingredients. Our beeswax and tree resin are ethically sourced, and carry food-grade certification. Both the jojoba oil and cotton are certified organic.

We try to keep things simple by having unpatterned cloth (which is more hygienic anyway).

And we only have three sizes.

Use, wash, store…
Whether you’re wrapping a bowl of rising dough, a sandwich, half an avo or piece of cheese, Buzzcloth moulds around it with the help of a gentle hand-hug.

Rinse your wrap in cold water, with your hand or soft cloth. Or, immerse in cold water in a soap solution.  Use alcohol-free dishwashing soap for best results.

When your bee wrap is dry, simply store in a drawer with your dishcloths, or roll up gently and place into a jar on the shelf within easy reach for the next time!