Queenie Organics


JC is the founder of Queenie Organics. He studied fine art and photography before working as a cinematographer for over 15 years. Since birth he has had a number of minor skin issues including dry, cracking skin. A number of years ago he began researching natural alternatives to remedy his own problems.

For a while he only made skincare for himself, but he then found the impetus to create Queenie Organics and help raise some money for the charities he was working with at that time.

During his research he discovered that a large majority of emulsifiers used in making creams contain palm oil derivatives, furthermore, palm oil free emulsifiers were very rare. Having been environmentally aware since he was a teen, he sought to create excellent skin care that did not require chemicals or the use of palm oil.

Since launching in 2018, Queenie Organics has partnered with several film festivals and has sponsored make up artists working in film and fashion. It has been rated a top ethical skincare brand by Ethical Consumer.

Queenie Organics joined One Planet in June 2020. View their products here.